Corfield & Associates is led by Dr. Michelle Corfield, with project support by a network of subject and practice area experts.

Dr. Corfield excels in assembling teams to develop custom approaches to meet business and organization needs. Corfield and Associates teams bring together years of collaborative experience working with First Nations, businesses, and organizations in British Columbia and Canada. We adopt a balanced, holistic approach in our work with both First Nations and non-Aboriginal organizations and business to ensure long-term viability, increased awareness, and growth to our clients.

Our Services

Strategic Advising and Support including business development, strategic planning, facilitation, consultation and strategic engagement, organizational design and re-design, and process development.

Training and Development including workshop development and delivery, aboriginal awareness and engagement training, and toolkit development.

Support Services including  communications strategies, project management, negotiation, and research, analysis and evaluation.

We bring an informed, balanced, and creative approach to projects and opportunities. Corfield and Associates has provided consulting services for many British Columbia First Nations, First Nations organizations, and businesses working with First Nations in Canada.